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What's Cool on Your Phone System (or not)?

We'll examine telephone systems and their features that we find unusual, unique, obnoxious or outstandingly useful.

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Phone System Cool
Phone System Cool
December 10, 2005

Want to record a phone conversation to your voicemail? It's easy with some systems. All you have to do is press your pre-programmed 'record' button.

Which systems can you do it on? What needs to be done if the feature is available? Most important, what are some applications for Voice Mail Record?

Voicemail Record was not an available feature on most systems until a few years ago. I can not catalogue which systems have it now, but I do know of a couple where it is included in your standard voicemail package. Remember that it is a feature of the voicemail, not the phone system. You might have it on one system with a certain voicemail loaded. If that same system has a different voicemail package, it might not have the Call Record feature.

The NEC DS1000 and DS2000 have Voicemail Call Record when the Intramail Voicemail System is added. The Intertel Axxess has it, too, when Axxessory Talk is added (provided enough Feature PAL's are allocated to this). There are surely many others, but I'd reckon that most systems still don't have this available today.

Once you know that your voicemail has the feature, you simply need to have a technician program it to be available to those users whom you wish to have it. They will also need a button programmed to activate the feature.

Before we get on to applications, it should be noted that there may be legal issues pertaining to recording a call without the other parties' knowledge or consent. There certainly are moral implications. Some of these systems may produce a beeping sound when activated (although that may be programmable). In any case, I suggest you explore the legalities here before proceeding and further that you request permission whenever activating the feature.

As for applications (if we haven't yet scared you off), recording a call for technical assistance will probably pay off weeks later when you need to find the answer again. Likewise, recording a conference call or the audio version of a Webinar seem useful. New employees being trained to handle either inbound or outbound calls would make sense for future critiquing. So, too would be that of veteran staffers to show how customers are handled, objections overcome, etc.

Use your imagination. Your 'Call Record' button could be a very efficient tool for you.

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