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Set Time, Day, Date for Samsung Prostar 816 Phone System

Set Time, Day, Date for Samsung Prostar 816 Phone System
Set Time, Day, Date for Samsung Prostar 816 Phone System
This information is provided for your convenience. We hope you find it useful. We hope, too, that it is accurate. If you have any corrections to offer, please email them to

Please do not call us for technical help to affect these changes to your system. We do not have staff that have the knowledge to assist you in programming. Also, if you don't see the information for how to change the time and date on your phone system, we don't have it!

Enable customer programming and then follow the steps below:

(With the handset on-hook) dial #06. Display shows (MMC DISABLED). Dial the passcode and 1 and then dial #. Customer programming is 'enabled')

Dial #55. Display shows (YY MM DD W HH MM)

Dial new information as follows:

YY = Last two digits o the year

MM = Month (01-12)

DD = Day of the month (01-31)

W = Day of the week (1-7); begins on Monday ends on Sunday

HH = Hour (24 hour clock)

MM =Minutes (00-60)

Dial # to set current date and time. The phone returns to normal use.

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