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Intertel Axxess User Programmable Buttons

Intertel Axxess User Programmable Buttons
Intertel Axxess User Programmable Buttons
November 17, 2005

Intertel Axxess phone systems carry over a unique feature key from their predecessors (Intertel IMX and Premier ESP):

The infinity key or special (SPCL) key.

This allows individual users to change the function of any of the soft keys on their telephone. That's right. You can change the feature that each programmable button will provide.

At first, you probably are saying 'So what?' I know how to change my speed dials already. Or I used to know how to, anyway. Or I know someone in my office that knows how to do it. That is, I did know such a person before they left the company or were tranferred.

This is about so much more than just speed dial. On your desk phone, you probably have several keys that you don't use. Chances are there are several keys for which you can't identify the current programmed function. With the Axxess, you can not only immediately identify the function, you can change that key to something more useful.

Before I tell you how to do it, let me give you a couple of applications for feature keys that most people would want to be able to do themselves.

DSS/BLF (see if a particular phone station is in use and one touch to transfer or intercom to that phone)

Flash Key (to access Phone Company features such as Conference or World Transfer)


Speed Dial (OK, this is a commonly used important feature. But do you know how to create a one-touch speed dial key on your phone?)

So if this could make your life easier and you more efficient and productive, wouldn't you want to be able to do it yourself?

You don't have to wait for a technician or pay their company $85-200/ hour to perform this task. Here's how you could do it yourself:

For the Inter-tel Axxess system, you may identify the current feature programmed for a key on your Executive Display Phone (550.4500) or Standard Display Phone (550.4400) by doing the following:

With the receiver resting in the cradle, dial 396.

Then press the key you want to identify the function for. Read the feature in your display.

When you are done, touch the Speaker button.

Programming is fairly simple, but you will want to have an Axxess user guide to refer to the feature codes you want to program. The special key will either say SPCL or have an infinity sign (which looks like an 8 laid sideways).

Start again with the receiver resting in the cradle. If you have a special key, press it (otherwise dial 397). Press the button you wish to program. Enter the feature code you desire. Then hit the speaker key when done.

I don't know if this works on the newest Axxess systems, but they have carried many features forward as they migrate to new systems.

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