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Who Wins in Centrex Vs. PBX?

Centrex is a networked service available from Local Exchange Carriers (LEC's) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC's). Its primary function is to allow access to special features from the phone company's Central Office to allow it to be your phone system. You just add single line telephones, multiline sets, or special made for Centrex phones. It is best suited to large, spread out organizations with multiple buildings that are close enough together to be served by the same Central Office.

A secondary role for Centrex comes when an organization has several locations with on-site phone systems. Network features can be added to allow call transfer and intercom between the buildings. These calls are generally free if the offices are served by the same Central Office. However, the calls would need to be sent to a main answering group on the phone system instead of going directly to an individual's phone extension.

Finally, a company with one location and a phone system could use Centrex to add a couple of key features like Three-Way Calling (with no decibel loss) World Transfer.

Centrex is generally contracted for 1, 3, 5 and 7 years. It can also be arranged for on a month to month basis.

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